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It is divided to upstream and downstream of Kalluga Valley.

How to Enter the Border Defense War?

Apply to Oracle at Kalluga Valley.

Entrance Hour and Requirements

- User who got reported or has a limit to enter cannot join by stat or skill point.
- Please refer Knight Event Schedule.
- Downstream is for Lv.46~59 and Upstream is for Lv.60~69.

Different Races


- Combat method is 8 vs 8.
- Combat time is 30 minutes, and party is formed automatically once you enter.
- If you destroy Center Monument which keeps balance of monument's magic, you cannot hit the monument.
- The user who destroys Center Monument gets marked as a white spot in map.
- If someone kills the user who destroyed Center Monument, The monument will be recreated.

Different Races

Conditions to Win

Condition #1
- Destroy enemy nation's Artifact!
Condition #2
- If both side fail in destroying Artifact, country with highest kill count will win.


- Upstream of Kalluga Valley
- Red Treasure Chest and XP; Red Treasure Chest can be exchanged through Moira at Moradon.
- 20% of XP to victorious country (30% in case of Premium. But, Lv.35 gets 20% of EXP and the gain will be decreased by -0.5% per +1level)
- 100,000 XP to defeated country (200,000 XP in case of Premium)
- Downstream of Kalluga Valley
- Victorious nation will get EXP 7M and Scroll of Ascent. (But, Premium service user get extra 10% EXP.)
- Defeated nation will get EXP 3.5M and Scroll of Ascent. (But, Premium service user get extra 10% EXP.)
- When score is tied, both get 3.5M (But, Premium service user get extra 10% EXP.)

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