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How to Enter the Chaos Dungeon?


10 minutes prior to the dungeon, there'll be a window asking for participants. Players need to have chaos map which can be obtained once a day from [White Shadow Chief] Sirin in order to participate.

*Extra maps can be obtained from [Vendor] Kayra if you have War Premium


Time and Requirements

- Chaos Dungeon can be accessed daily at 11:00, 17:00 and 00:00 (You can see in game)
- The dungeon is only open for 20 minutes.
- Max participant per dungeon is 18 (Dungeon cannot start if the # of participant is 6 or less).

More Information

- All participants will have same STAT and SKILL. For 1 min after entering the dungeon players will be invincible.
- Players cannot use the armors or skills they had outside of the dungeon.
- All the participants other than the player him/herself will look like guardians.
- All the participants will receive Certificate of Chaos at the end. 5 Certificate of Chaos can be exchanged with one of the wings (There are 5 different wings you can trade with).
- You can also earn gold, silver, and 6th armor, and various other items


Chaos Dungeon Rewards

- (Top %1 - %20) : Voucher of Oracle + Blue Treasure Box + Voucher of Chaos
- (Top %21 - %40) : Green Treasure Box + Voucher of Chaos
- (Top %41 - %80) : Red Treasure Box + Voucher of Chaos
- (Top %81 - %100) : Voucher of Chaos

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